Staying at home due to Covid-19: How to spend a mindful and healthy day at home during quarantine.

It’s been almost a month since everything has been shut down due to the Covid-19 outbreak. With the social distancing and quarantine laws extended another 30 days, many are running out of ideas on how to preocupy themselves at home. If you are like me, your health has taken a impact. During this quarantine period, my sleep schedule has been off, I’m eating more out of boredom, my screen time has doubled, and my anxiety has gotten worse which was affecting my work.

For many of us, this is uncharted territory. I am no expert on how to make your quarantine days at home less daunting, but I can share some ideas that have helped me get back on track and stay healthy. Here is an example of a full day at home:

  1. Morning:
    • I start my morning with a glass of water and lemon. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and contains anti-inflammatory properties.
    • I follow this with some type of physical activity lasting 30 minutes or greater. Make sure to do a mix of exercises ranging from cardio, to muscle strengthening, to meditation.
    • After breakfast I usually have a smoothie. This is the best way I get my daily intake of fruits. I usually add turmeric, and honey to my smoothies. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Lasty I avoid staying in my pajamas. I have noticed staying is my pajamas only makes me lazy. For comfort I usually pair a set of joggers with a cotton tee.
  2. Lunch:
    • Prior to my meal, I have an 8oz glass of water, or tea. I do this because hydration is important but it helps me not overeat.
    • I have cut out processed food, meat and dairy out of my diet. For lunch I’m focusing on eating colorful veggies and lean fish such as cod, flounder, and halibuts.
    • I usually don’t get to my to do list till after lunch. I am not a morning person so I take my time and allow myself to be in the right minsetnto attack my workload
  3. Afternoon:
    • I am not much of a coffee drinker so my go to drink is a green tea. It gives me a little pick me up to prevent the “afternoon slump”
    • I typically stretch during this time followed by a breathing exercise to help release some tension.
    • Nuts or fruits are my go to snacks if I’m craving something salty or sweet.
    • If you crave social time, schedule a time to check in with family and friends. It’s important to not alienate yourself.
  4. Dinner:
    • Dinner time is my favorite part of the day. I usually turn on some music and dance around the kitchen. I Try to stay away from certain foods like spicy and fatty food. They tend to cause stomach upset and prevent you from a good night sleep. I usually have a light salad with a fatty fish. Fatty fish contains sleep regulating ingredients like Vitamin D and omega 3.
    • I have battle with insomnia so I tend to have a cup of chamomile tea which is a natural remedy for insomnia.
  5. Bedtime:
    • My bedtime routine is simple. After my shower/bath, I prep for the next morning. I pre-planned my meals for the next day.
    • Workout gear is put aside to remind me of my health goals.
    • my phone is turned off an hour before I head to bed.
    • I have one last glass of water before tuning out for the night.

I hope these tips were helpful. Drop a comment below on what’s helping you during quarantine.

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