Long Beach, The perfect Weekend Getaway

A weekend in Long Beach

About three hours southwest of Seattle, Long Beach Washington has long been a popular getaway for locals and tourists. Kick off your shoes and sink your toes in the world’s longest drivable beach peninsula. Stretching 28 miles long, Long beach is the ideal place for a safe getaway during the pandemic. Enjoy a walk on the beach or listen to the waves from the comfort of your car.

This past February I was able to visit this town for the first time thanks to an invite from Adrift Hospitality. I fell in love with the beautiful beach extending as far as the eye can see. Here you can spend a fun afternoon enjoying a beautiful picnic basket on the beach from Pickled Fish. The spring/summer menu is delightful and is vegan/vegetarian friendly.

Rest assured there’s plenty to do in this quaint town. Start your adventure with a complementary bike from one the Adrift’s Hotels. All the sister properties are within walking distance to the beach. Enjoy a scenic ride on the 8 miles long discovery trail, or a walk along the boardwalk. During the month of August, come enjoy the many activities including the biggest kite festival in the country. Don’t forget to visit the World Kite Museum for more information.

Being on the road is exciting but also draining. One of the most exciting part of my travel is staying in beautiful places with sustainable driven practices. I am extremely proud to be involved with Adrift Hospitality. The Hotel is a certified B corporation with a social purpose. Every month, The sister restaurant introduces a new cocktail with a cause on the menu as part of their give back program. For every order, the company donates money to a local charity.

Budget friendly and aesthetically pleasing, the Boardwalk Cottages was the perfect place to call home during my stay. Spend a lazy day in bed enjoying complementary breakfast pastries, or spend a relaxing night by the fireplace. Pack your bathing suit, and your sense of adventure when visiting. I recommend some time at the pool and sauna followed by a massage right on the property.

End your evening with a guided horse ride on the beach. Book the later time for a beautiful sunset ride. Trust me, it is worth. The staff was amazing and the horses were very friendly.

Please make sure to follow the rules and safety guides of the Hotel. Continue to wear your masks and have a safe and wonderful time!

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