Seattle Hyatt Regency: A leading example for sustainability in hospitality.

In recent years, the topic of sustainability and eco-friendly products has become increasingly popular. With growing concerns on the state of our planet, Consumers are making more environmentally friendly choices to reduce their carbon footprint. Travelers today are more likely to book hotels with sustainable initiatives to combat pollution. As a travel blogger, I am happy to see hotels take notice and join the responsible travel movement.

With a growing number of tourists arriving at their destination each year, hotels continuously use up resources contributing to the alarming rise in carbon emissions. Recognizing the impact of tourism on the climate, hospitality companies are adopting practices such as water and energy conservation, waste and plastic reduction to protect the environment. These actions are earning companies LEED certifications across the U.S and attracting more environmental conscious travelers. Over the years, Hyatt chains of Hotels has done an incredible job combining luxury and sustainability in the hospitality sector. Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle, was the first to earn a LEED silver certification for its sustainability measures. Following suite in 2019, The beautiful 45 story Hyatt Regency earned the first LEED gold certification in the Pacific Northwest.

Did you know that tourism is responsible for 5-10% of the world’s carbon emission.

At the Hyatt regency, measures are taken to reduce transportation gas emission by supporting local business and utilizing regionally manufactured materials. The building with 1,260 guestrooms was designed with 20% locally sourced materials and built to incorporate sustainable elements.

What exactly is LEED?

Designed in 1998 by the United States Green Building Council, LEED provides a framework for owners to design buildings using green practices. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification is earned by gaining points across nine areas that affect the environment as well as the health and safety of the community. Those nine areas include, Sustainable sites, Water efficiency, Transportation and location, Integrative process, Energy and atmosphere, Innovation, Regional priority, Material and resources, and Indoor environmental quality.

With the wellbeing of the community in mind, The Hyatt Regency earned a gold certification and reduced its CO2 emission and wasteful practices by switching to compostable or recyclable packaging, reducing water consumption by 33%, implementing green cleaning policies, and dropping its urban heat-island effect with a light-colored roof and an underground parking space.

Located in the heart of town, The Hyatt Regency offers breathtaking views of downtown Seattle. The hotel offers 1,260 guestrooms and 103, 000 square of event space. The rooms are designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. Guests have access to the fitness area, and the beautiful well designed communal area with an outdoor space overlooking the city. Guest can also enjoy Elaia Spa and the indoor pool located at Olive 8 right across Hyatt Regency.

Make sure to not miss Andare Kitchen & Bar located in the building. The restaurant serves amazing fresh local ingredients all year round. The restaurant features a bar with wine and beer from the Washington and Oregon.

Here at Hyatt Regency, travelers can enjoyed their stay knowing every part of the hotel was consciously designed for the health and safety of the guest and workers. Hope you enjoy you stay as much as I did.

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